Language and Soft Skills Training

I design and deliver courses and training and development programmes to order. These include, fast-track business English courses, leadership development, managing cultural differences, creative problem-solving, facilitation, sales, public speaking, team-building, networking, sales story-crafting, defining SMART objectives, among others.

Whether I’m delivering public speaking, language or creative problem-solving courses, I aim to provide a fun, interactive and meaningful experience that delivers specific, tangible and measurable results, in line with my client’s objectives.

I have delivered training and development programmes to companies such as MBDA, Oracle, IBM, Hertz, Roche, Gucci and IED students among others.


English Language Training

Do you need to… feel confident that you can express yourself in meetings and videoconferences as well as you express yourself in your mother tongue? participate in conversations during business dinners and other social events? be able to understand and follow what your native-English-speaking colleagues are saying during meetings and videoconferences? feel confident that your colleagues … Continue reading English Language Training

Soft Skills Training

What do you want your people to be able to do? Become compelling presenters and public speakers? Sell more? Work together more effectively so that they can deliver better quality results, on time, within the budget? Do you need your managers to motivate and inspire their teams to face new challenges? Do you need your managers … Continue reading Soft Skills Training