English Language Training

Do you need to…

  • feel confident that you can express yourself in meetings and videoconferences as well as you express yourself in your mother tongue?
  • participate in conversations during business dinners and other social events?
  • be able to understand and follow what your native-English-speaking colleagues are saying during meetings and videoconferences?
  • feel confident that your colleagues understand you when you speak in English?

I will help you achieve these and any other goals you have by

  1. helping you to use the English you already have as effectively as possible
  2. focussing on strategies to increase your performance in English as quickly as possible by …
    • eliminating common English grammar and vocabulary errors from your spoken English
    • working on pronunciation issues
    • explaining cultural differences in communication styles and give you strategies for communicating in an English-speaking business environment
  3. providing you a clear road map and resources to achieve your language and communication goals