Facilitation Competencies

Do you need to …

  • manage a challenge or opportunity for innovation that involves a lot of different stakeholders?
  • develop intrapreneurial and leadership competencies in your team or organisation?
  • reorganise your company to foster greater levels of innovation?

I can help companies realise their good ideas by:

  1. facilitating innovation workshops for people who need to find and implement solutions for specific organisational issues, involving multiple stakeholders
  2. training up internal facilitators so the organisation learns to manage the process by itself.
  3. helping the company organise itself to manage innovation by identifying new support structures and roles.

My approach leads to:

  1. effectively implemented projects thanks to improved team cohesion, the development of a common vision and objectives, and practical stakeholder management.
  2. a more innovative organisational climate with increased individual and team creativity, autonomy and initiative.
  3. the development and/or management of an “innovation pipeline” – the source of a company’s long-term survival and good health.