About this blog

I help clients solve their problems creatively – language, professional and life challenges – and sometimes I help companies become more innovative. My approach is to use whatever works. Some consultants in my field embrace specific disciplines, with strange and wonderful names such as Six Sigma, TRIZ, Lean Manufacturing, Synectics and Neuro Linguistic Programming. My biggest influence when I started out was a practice called Creative Problem Solving.

I use whatever works and will draw from any field, including all of the above, and from any domain that might offer useful insights into a situation, such as art, literature, cartoons, TV, psychology, sociology, reflexology, Transactional Analysis, Cranio Sacral Therapy, the kitchen, the bedroom, the board room, Buddhism, Christianity, the Bahai faith, anything, anywhere that works.

My hope with this blog is to intrigue, help, provoke, stimulate, amuse and inspire you and engage you in discussion. And if this makes you want to use any of my skill-sets, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I post …

  • about coaching and management consulting, in particular, creativity, innovation and change management
  • about English langauage learning
  • about my relationships with important people in my life: my family, friends, clients, colleagues, neighbours, role-models, idols
  • about Shakespeare, business, Shakespeare and business, current events, national cultural differences, cognitive dissonance, wine, Asperger Syndrome, parenting, teaching, learning, Greek myths, childhood, being unemployed, underemployed and overemployed, TV series, behavioural economics, …
  • cartoons and images

I hope you enjoy it.