Coaching and Consulting

I will help you realise your good ideas.

When your organisation needs to innovate and change, your people will need …

  • to become more open in their thinking, think more creatively and take more initiative
  • to build knowledge together, and use it effectively
  • to make valuable things happen, linked to your strategic objectives
  • to believe in your continued support and commitment to making the change.

I will work with you to develop these capabilities and help you back them up with supporting processes and tools.

I have 15 years experience in helping executives and their teams manage organisational change and innovation through coaching and facilitation.

My experience includes

  • 9 years working on a cultural change programme for a high-tech multinational in the defence sector.
  •  facilitating events, problem-solving workshops and innovation workshops for companies including Michelin, IBM, Lloyds of London, EADS, Gucci, Thales, Mavellia MS&L
  • providing coaching and facilitation to support the managers of SMEs

As US President Johnson said, “Doing what’s right isn’t the problem. It’s knowing what’s right.”

I developed my coaching skills in the field, helping senior team leaders, managers and executives analyse and formulate strategies for complex organisational problems, usually involving big personal and organisational risks and demanding stakeholders.

Working with these courageous and determined people, I developed a coaching process and practice which involves:

  • Exploring the personal and organisational boundaries of the challenge you are facing, to evaluate the real risks and opportunities your situation presents.
  • Evaluating with you whether you have the necessary resources, motivation and conditions with which to make the changes you want to make.
  • Developing a compelling vision of a future in which you have made the changes you want to make, with all the benefits you and your stakeholders will be enjoying.
  • Helping you to generate lists of ideas and solutions for your situation – the ones you are aware of, and new options to explore.
  • Developing strategies with you to get your stakeholders on board with what you are trying to do – and strategies to keep you motivated to pursue your goals.

I use traditional coaching processes and techniques and techniques and approaches from the world of creative problem solving.

Some examples of the kind of challenges my clients face include:

  • Performing in an executive role in an international environment in a second language. Navigating different cultural expectations and the challenges involved in decoding non-explicit communication. Effective public speaking in a second language
  • Organising a kick-off meeting for a critical project which will ensure that the client’s expectations will be exceeded
  • Facilitating a meeting between the company’s executive directors and the client to better understand how to meet the client’s emerging needs – and persuading the relevant stakeholders that this is in everyone’s interest

I aim to boost the lives of the people I coach, by engaging with their best, playful, creative and aspiring selves and helping them remember who they want to be.

I do this by focussing on people’s desires, goals, wishes and dreams and the unique experiences, qualities and strengths they can summon to make what they want to happen, happen.

I help people realise their ideas, hopes and dreams so that they, in turn, can be the optimistic, energised, engaged people they want to be for their companies, teams, and communities.

Are you facing a challenging situation? Is the way forward unclear? Do you need to “unpack” a problem into more manageable, separate issues?

I will help you tap into your creativity, courage, inspiration, and the wealth of personal resources you may have forgotten you possess, to define your dreams, visions, goals. You will turn practical and emotional road-blocks into opportunities, defeat real and imaginary demons, and enjoy the process of becoming who you really want to be.