Executive Coaching and Facilitation

I will help you realise your good ideas.

When your organisation needs to innovate and change, your people will need …

  • to become more open in their thinking, think more creatively and take more initiative
  • to build knowledge together, and use it effectively
  • to make valuable things happen, linked to your strategic objectives
  • to believe in your continued support and commitment to making the change.

I will work with you to develop these capabilities and help you back them up with supporting processes and tools.

I have 15 years experience in helping executives and their teams manage organisational change and innovation through coaching and facilitation.

My experience includes

  • 9 years working on a cultural change programme for a high-tech multinational in the defence sector.
  •  facilitating events, problem-solving workshops and innovation workshops for companies including Michelin, IBM, Lloyds of London, EADS, Gucci, Thales, Mavellia MS&L
  • providing coaching and facilitation to support the managers of SMEs

Facilitation Competencies

Do you need to … manage a challenge or opportunity for innovation that involves a lot of different stakeholders? develop intrapreneurial and leadership competencies in your team or organisation? reorganise your company to foster greater levels of innovation? I can help companies realise their good ideas by: facilitating innovation workshops for people who need to find and … Continue reading Facilitation Competencies


As US President Johnson said, “Doing what’s right isn’t the problem. It’s knowing what’s right.” I developed my coaching skills in the field, helping senior team leaders, managers and executives analyse and formulate strategies for complex organisational problems, usually involving big personal and organisational risks and demanding stakeholders. Working with these courageous and determined people, … Continue reading Coaching